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Year 7 Camp - Broken Bay

Posted in Secondary School on Mar 27, 2019

Year 7’s action packed camp began with a bus and a ferry ride to Broken Bay Sport and Recreation Centre on the Hawkesbury River. read more ...

Pioneering Ahead - Year 10 Camp at Lake Keepit

Posted in Secondary School on Mar 19, 2019

Year 10 pioneered our leadership-focused camp at Lake Keepit this year. read more ...

Celeste combines work and school

Posted in Secondary School on Feb 07, 2019

Have you ever wondered how your child could step into a career, while finishing formal schooling? Completing a SBAT is the answer! read more ...

Looking into the future, celebrating the now

Posted in News on Nov 06, 2018

Reflections from Vision Showcase 2018 Vision Showcase proved to be extremely popular and our School Hall was packed to the point of overflowing! While it is not possible to capture the “buzz” of the night, below is a summary of the key talking points. No school can succeed without the support of its community. Indeed, the extent to which a school can succeed is determined by the level of support given by its parents, students, volunteers and community. As people, we generally support what we believe in, what we have hope in, what we see as a sound investment that will bear good fruit. To quote Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. And the treasure in this case is the education of our children. With something so precious, it is wise to know exactly what we are investing in. read more ...

Multicultural Day

Posted in Primary School on Sep 27, 2018

Stage 2 students have been learning about persuasive texts in English. Bethany Wong decided to write a persuasive letter to both Mr East and Mr Rolland outlining the reasons why we should hold a Multicultural Week at Hunter Christian School. read more ...


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