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Announcing the 2017-2018 Student Leadership

Posted in News on Sep 08, 2017

It has been a great pleasure of ours to interview and observe the candidates for student leadership. The Student Leadership Team of Hunter Christian School is an important body in the school; it is not merely a figure head role, the views and initiatives of this body is actively sought out. Additionally, student leaders are looked up to by their fellow students and are pivotal in setting school culture.

As you can appreciate, it is important to set a high standard and a specific skill set for entry into student leadership and hence the multi-stage selection process. Subsequently, there are a number of very good students who were not successful in seeking leadership. It is important to also value and honour these students who also have much to offer. It is also important to note that there is no set number or composition of the Student Leadership Team. The number of Captains and Prefects is determined by the suitability, support and skill sets of the range of candidates.

We are excited to announce the team below:

Captains • Emily Mursa • Lachlan Procter

Vice Captains • Katie Branham • Lily Kinnavong

Prefects • Aimee Gillard • Kupa Matangira • Tom McCarthy • Brittany Pinder • Daisy Shelton • Connor Pobjie • Nicole Cumming

Please join us as we cover these young people in prayer, for the wisdom and courage to carry the burden of leadership with success and integrity.

Malcolm East
Head of Secondary

Chris Tyrie
Mentor of Student Leaders


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