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State Basketball

Posted in News on Sep 07, 2017

On Friday, nine of the Year 12 boys who won our Zone Basketball Gala Day competed in the State Gala Day. The day was held at Penrith Basketball Stadium and we competed against eight teams from around the state. The team consisted of Quartey Filipo, Josh Moore, Charlie Gentz, Bexley Carter, James Carter, Hugh Allen, Harry Lobley, Noah Hunt and Jared Lynch. During the first round, we lost two games and won one game. This placed us in 3rd position and put us into a Minor Semi-Final. Unfortunately, Quartey's injured foot and Josh's struggle with the flu hampered our ability to play and we ended up losing a very close game. As circumstances happen, the team who beat us did not realise they had another game to play and went home! As we were still there, we were asked to play in the Minor Final. Unfortunately, we lost that game as well, 40-30; as the boys were tired, our shooting percentage dropped. This means we placed 4th in the State, which is quite an achievement! Many of the boys stepped up and played at the top of their game and I was really very proud of the fact that they continued to support each other and display excellent sportsmanship. Every game was a pleasure to watch! Regardless of the results, all the boys spoke of how they enjoyed the day. This is definitely the end of an era, with this Gala Day the final one for the Year 12 boys’ time at our School. - Mrs Chriss Halyburton


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