Connected in heart, values and faith.


Through Jesus and each other we become ourselves.

This is about knowing who we are in Jesus Christ and who we are in community with each other.

Parents, carers and other friends are vital to our Hunter Christian School community. We value their support which takes many forms including:

  • Volunteering in the Canteen
  • Parents and Friends committee
  • Time-keeping at sports carnivals
  • Primary School reading groups
  • Bringing fund-raising ideas to life
  • Coordinating school banking
  • Sharing life stories or special skills in the classroom
  • New families and other barbecues
  • Parent-teacher nights
  • Coffee mornings in the Common Room
  • Prep and Year 7 information evenings
  • the Alpha Course

More than this, we value the continuing friendships within our school community. At Hunter Christian School we are intentional in seeking opportunities to know one another better and provide mutual support.

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