Customised Education Packaging

At Hunter Christian School we understand that every child is unique and traditional enrolment arrangements don’t suit every child. This is why we are developing a range of customisable learning delivery options for students needing much greater flexibility in their schooling. Applications open to Year 5-12 students.

    • Elite Athletes
    • Accelerated Gifted and Talented Students
    • Apprenticeship / Traineeship Students
    • Emerging or Semi-professional Performers


An Education Facilitator will meet with your family to tailor the following to fit around the unique needs of your child:

    • course offerings,
    • content delivery,
    • attendance requirements,
    • tailored support,
    • assessment schedules

The Education Facilitator will also liaise directly with NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) and the school leadership on your behalf.

Positive Psychology coaching for performance-based pursuits; academic or talent mentoring for high achievers and a range of other options, are also available on a case-by-case basis.


Students will have a Personal Educational Plan based on a Hybrid Learning Model, which has three key components;

    • Personal: students remain a part of the school community and have personal interaction with staff and students for the face-to-face portion of their studies. This is in addition to dedicated face-to-face sessions with staff coordinating any online component of their educational plan.
    • Experiential: students will have the time released in their school week to gain significant experience and training in their chosen endeavour and will be encouraged to pursue their giftings and purpose.
    • Online: the online component of learning provides release from some face-to-face classes to provide time for the experiential component of their educational plan.


      We are planning to develop a limited number of academic, sporting and representative scholarships to be available to families. The prospective Scholarships would be competitive and have minimum entry requirements. Please note these are still in planning and preparation stage. We are also looking for sponsors for these Scholarships.

Next Steps...

If you would like to enquire about the Customised Education Packaging please complete the initial enrolment enquiry form and include in your selection options for the Customised Education packaging in the options. Enrolment Enquiry Form

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