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Pre-enrolment Experience Tours
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We know that the best way to get to know us is to visit us. We invite all families considering Hunter Christian School to join us for a personalised tour of our school , where you can meet us, experience our facilities and see if we are the right fit for your family.

We provide a range of experience options to suit your needs.


Our personalised experience tours are the best way for your family to experience our school’s facilities and focus on the areas that are of particular interest to your child.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Tailor the experience relevant to your child’s personal interests
  • Experience firsthand the unique culture of our school community
  • Meet our Principal
  • Meet some of our teachers and students
  • Look around our facilities
  • Include the whole School if you have children across departments
  • View lessons in progress
  • Ask any questions you may have in a private setting

Personalised tours are organised for a time that suits your family and work life.

We aim to present the School Community to you during school hours.

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Group experience tours are held on specific days throughout the year and provide a whole school overview for families wanting to experience our school.

2019 - Term 3 dates are:

  • PreKinder Class: 9am - Mon 5th &19th August
  • Primary (incl Kindergarten) Dept: 9.00am - Tue 20th Aug & 3rd Sep;
  • Secondary Dept : 9.30am - Fri 16th & 30th Aug

You will have the opportunity to

  • Experience firsthand, the unique culture of our school community
  • Meet some of our Executive Staff, teachers and students
  • Look around our facilities and view lessons in progress
  • Learn about the school’s vision, values and strategy
  • Meet other families also considering our school
  • Ask any questions you may have in a group setting
If you would like to register for a Term 3 Group Tour, please

Click Here

or contact Heather Malone, our Enrolment Manager, on
02-4967 2111.


Your child may wish to experience the school at a more realistic level by attending a full day or part day as a visiting student. We encourage this process particularly for children who are changing from different educational cultures eg home schooling; public schooling; overseas cultures and also for children who may have levels of anxiety which can often be allayed by meeting some friendly faces.

Please discuss the possibility for this to happen with Heather Malone, who will make the arrangements for you. Generally we suggest that this does not happen until after you have a had a tour of the school together.

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Pre Kinder

Pre Kinder at Hunter Christian School is a transition into Kindergarten experience for 4 year olds in a carefully planned setting.

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Primary (K-6)

K-6 is a most precious time in the lives of children and a fundamental part of their life journey. When they join us, a child's potential is just beginning to shine and by the time they move to the senior school, each has grown and progressed so much, we are proud to see the adults that God intended them to be, starting to emerge.

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Secondary (7-12)

Responsibility is a key theme for the Senior part of the school, both our commitment to nurturing and guiding our students towards becoming the adults that God intended them to be, and their increasing understanding of their responsibility as world citizens.

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