Through Jesus and each other, we become ourselves.
I recognise potential, and I’m great at helping others reach it.
You hold infinite possibility.

Every student has been created unique, valuable beyond measure and called to their God given purpose. We encourage our students to live authentically, think deeply, to serve selflessly and stand together. We are gentle but strong. Kind but courageous.

We guide and serve them as we teach them to guide and serve others. We teach persistence and model integrity. We ignite their love of learning and develop their individual gifts, so they may rise into adulthood as purposeful, capable and compassionate leaders. Leaders equipped with the capacity and purpose to transform their world into a better place.

We have the highest honour and the greatest responsibility, to empower every child to live life in all its fullness, Our passion is to provide opportunities, inspire possibilities and nurture every child, to draw out noble hearts, infinite minds and able hands.

Welcome to Hunter Christian School

Our approach to learning

Every child holds infinite potential and with the right support, modelling, knowledge and skills they can believe in their own potential and strive toward achieving it. It is through experience, connection and community that we learn most about ourselves. At Hunter Christian School we provide those opportunities and through our Transformative Learning approach, we teach our students to honour God, themselves and others.

Purpose and wellbeing

When children are encouraged to live courageously, they develop the strength and resilience to live authentically and let their individual gifts shine. This translates into openness, self-awareness and an innate understanding of personal value.

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Excellence and innovation

To pursue excellence is to consistently strive to be the best you can be. By continually applying themselves and embracing curiosity, children develop the skills to think deeper and use ingenuity. They learn to nurture their thirst for knowledge and the value of self- management, which are key attributes in forming an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Servant leadership

Children learn by what they see and experience. By modelling Christ-like qualities and encouraging them to engage in servant leadership, we help them build their own social awareness and encourage them to think beyond themselves.

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Sense of community

Children develop a deep-set appreciation for the power of communication, teamwork and unification, when working together in a hands-on learning environment. It’s our response to the love of God that drives us to lift up and encourage each other to achieve greatness for our world.

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