Who We Are

Our Heritage

Founded as a ministry of Mayfield Baptist Church, our school first opened with Primary classes in 1981 and was the first Independent Christian school in the Hunter Region. Hunter Christian School is located in the inner Newcastle suburb of Mayfield. In 1983, the Secondary department began with our first Year 7 students. Classes met across the road from the school in the home of a member of Mayfield Baptist Church. Additional Secondary school classes began each year until our first group of Higher School Certificate students completed their secondary education in 1988.

Hunter Christian School is an independent Christian School. The school is a member of the Australian Association of Christian Schools, the Association of Independent Schools in NSW as well as Christian School Australia. Hunter Christian School provides direct bus connections to Newcastle LGA, Maitland LGA, Port Stephens LGA, and Lake Macquarie LGA.


Our vision is to empower every student to influence their world through enriched learning, enhanced resources and Christ-like service.


HCS ignites learning through Biblical foundations and grows young people into a life of hope, purpose and influence.

Our Values

Hunter Christian School has a proud history of over 40 years and holds the prestige of being the first independent Christian School in the Hunter Region.

At Hunter Christian School, education begins with knowing children as individuals, establishing skills for learning, and setting high goals to equip them to pursue their God-given passion and calling in life.

We believe that our values encapsulate the culture of our school, and the aspirations of our community, which is anchored on our loving relationship with Christ.

Christ Centred

Enjoying a dynamic relationship with Jesus, relying on the Bible as the foundation for shaping our understanding of Christ, our faith and the world. To be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit and believing God is able to do more than we ask or imagine.

Community Contributors

Creating extraordinary opportunities increases the enjoyment and participation of individuals coming together for a common purpose. Contributing, engaging, leading and influencing the community -locally, nationally and internationally.

Inspirational Influencers

Fostering a passion to make a positive difference in one’s own life and the lives of others. When we have passion for what we do, great things are possible. We are open to implementing new ideas and trying new things. We don’t accept “that will never work” as an answer. We support and encourage ourselves and others to take action. Developing and elevating the confidence of individuals that leads to constructive risk-taking, problem-solving, and taking pride in one’s own point of view.

Serve Authentically

There is no masquerade, only a quiet, unassuming desire to serve that cultivates trust, builds community and leaves people more alive. Authentic service is often drawn to the small opportunities, not out of false humility, but rather because the need is real and addressing the need is essential. When we serve authentically we are not afraid of, or shy about, being in the spotlight, but it doesn’t seek to be there.

Passionate Pursuers of Knowledge

We embrace the joy of learning and wholeheartedly care for each student’s growth and well-being. Nurturing a deep curiosity, we foster academic pursuits that go beyond traditional boundaries. Our innovative curriculum design ignites creativity and critical thinking, while our dedicated educators facilitate impactful teaching and learning experiences. Through our unwavering commitment to pastoral care and academic excellence, we inspire a love for knowledge and empower students to reach their full potential.

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