We are all unique, valuable beyond measure and called to purpose by God.

At Hunter Christian School, we inspire possibility, enable opportunity and nurture the unique light in every child, drawing out noble hearts, infinite minds and able hands.

We see a future where every child leaves school knowing who they were born to be, through the love of Christ and our connection to one another.

We’re here to empower every child to live life in all its fullness, with the capacity and purpose to transform their world into a better place.


Our vision is to partner with Christian families and the Church to equip and empower children to attain their full potential in Christ, within a loving, serving, caring school community.


Together we honour Christ, learn without limits, unite in community, serve selflessly and strive to live courageously.

Christ-like Character

Character with integrity and that values transparency. Always speaking honestly and from a foundation of relationship, with kindness and love. Where authority is honoured and the feelings of others are respected.

Christ-filled Courage

Courage that is bold in offering truth and challenging wrongs, in order to bring life to others. Finding our own unique voice, and confidently speaking of our faith to transform ourselves and others.

Christ-centred Community

Valuing the spirit of unity:

  • Seeking to affirm others by speaking and acting hopefully and positively
  • Practicing clear communication
  • Encouraging an intentional attitude of inclusion

Our Heritage

Founded by a ministry of Mayfield Baptist Church, our school first opened with Primary classes in 1981 and was one of the first Christian schools in the Hunter Region. Hunter Christian School began when members of Mayfield Baptist Church recognised the need for an educational facility that would teach students from a Christian worldview perspective and produce an inclusive, friendly community for school families.

In 1983, the Secondary department began with our first Year 7 students. Classes met across the road from the school in the home of a member of Mayfield Baptist Church.

Additional Secondary school classes began each year until our first group of Higher School Certificate students completed their secondary education in 1988.

The Prep program for four year old children began in 2009 with a fully-resourced classroom and custom-built playground installed exclusively for prep students to develop their gross motor skills. In 2015 after the Prep closed, the School began a Pre-Kinder class which achieves the intentional purpose of preparing students to transition to our Kindergarten.

In 2011, we celebrated 30 years of investment into the lives of many students, their families and the community.

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