I recognise potential, and I’m great at helping others reach it.

Secondary (7-12)

Responsibility is a key theme for the Senior part of the school, both our commitment to nurturing and guiding our students towards becoming the adults that God intended them to be, and their increasing understanding of their responsibility as world citizens.

We follow empathic learning principles, understanding that we all have a commitment to each other and that we can all learn from everyone around us. We are looking to grow our students’ emotional intelligence and encourage Christ-like attributes of openness, accountability, empathy and selflessness. Without detracting from the importance and significance of academic achievement in this period, particularly the HSC, we also focus on the skills and emotions involved in positive behaviour, wellbeing and relationship building.

We have a talented and innovative staff team, always looking for better ways to learn and teach and deeply committed to encouraging the children in their care to become the best selves they can, with God at the centre of everything they do.

We have a proven academic record in external examinations, including NAPLAN and the HSC. Rigorous assessment standards are applied from Year 9 onwards to prepare students for HSC studies. Well-equipped technology rooms, giving students the opportunity to learn using the latest technology, enhancing their learning experience and facilitating easier entry into further study or the workforce.

Vocational Education & Training options. These include ASQA and HSC approved Metal & Engineering and Retail Services course for Years 11 & 12, which have links with industry and aim to ease the transition to work placement, apprenticeships or university studies after Year 12. Food Technology students complete a Barista course, involving training using the school’s industry grade espresso equipment.


It is important to us that our Students have the opportunity to experience a world that is bigger than themselves. Students have opportunities to go on various mission trips from local missions to Tahlee Ministries and Karuah Public School as well as our annual overseas mission trip to the Raki Raki region of Fiji.

The Fiji mission team comprises both staff and students from Hunter Christian School and all team members are involved in serving the local community in such practical ways as cleaning and painting buildings, grounds maintenance, teaching classes and running sports programs.

Character and Citizenship

The purpose of the Character and Citizenship program is to equip Year 9 students to be the next generation of leaders, both within the school and in the wider community.

The program enlivens classroom-based learning in Christian Studies, Personal Development, Human Society and Its Environment, and Civics, by combining it with practical community projects, team-building challenges, outdoor education, camping and games.

Bounce On!

Bounce On! is a continuation of our Primary School Bounce Back! program to aid our Year 6 students moving into Year 7. This program utilises selected Year 10 students assisting the Year 7 Support Group teachers in caring and looking after our new Year 7 students during their first few weeks of Year 7.

The Bounce On program also involves Support Group teachers working through and discussing topics such as – Peacemaking, Communication, Harassment, Self-Harm, How to deal with Conflict, Forgiveness and Apologies. Some of the Year 10 mentors will be used by Support Group teachers in this section of the program as discussion leaders and question panelists.

Creative Arts

Students are offered a variety of opportunities to develop their abilities in an environment that fosters and values creativity. They can display their work through presentations and performances held at special assemblies and events throughout the year.

MADD Nights are held each year, where students express their talents and abilities in Music, Art, Drama and Design. Students are also able to participate in regular school Musicals and Drama productions as performers or as part of the support crews who assist in a range of areas including set construction, sound and lighting, make-up, costumes, publicity and ushering

Year 7 & 8

The transition to high school can be daunting so at Hunter Christian School each Year 7 class has a Home Room and a Support Group Teacher. Up to half of a Year 7 student’s time will be spent in this familiar environment with one teacher who gets to know them quickly and who will soon know them well.

Year 8 is a year of consolidation. Students further develop the skills and knowledge first encountered in Year 7. This means all the fun, action and adventure of Year 7 but with more variety, freedom and responsibility.

Year 8 students are still cared for in the context of their Support Group (roll call, notices and devotions/prayer). The Support Group teacher is the first line of pastoral care support, and that teacher will teach the Support Group for at least one other class.

Year 7 & 8 students at Hunter Christian School begin each day with 30 minutes of PE during Period 1 which is a dedicated session of physical activity.

Year 9 & 10

As well as focusing on the core subjects, Year 9 & 10 students continue to enjoy a choice of elective subjects. Elective subjects allow students to pursue their particular talents and interests. Along with academic focus, Year 9 & 10 students also enjoy a wide variety of experiences across a range of sporting, cultural, community and classroom endeavors.

Year 10 students enjoy the opportunity to experience what life after school in the real work place is like during their Work Experience placements in Term 1.

Year 11 & 12

Year 11 is officially called the Preliminary Year of the Higher School Certificate. It is a year of new beginnings in many subjects. There is much more choice and responsibility for individual students to manage their own learning.

Almost all subjects run over two years. While students can change their pattern of study somewhat during Year 11, by the end of Term 3 they need to have chosen at least ten units, (usually five or six subjects) to focus on for the Higher School Certificate year.

Year 11 and 12 students are the leaders of our school. The prefect body and school captains are elected by the staff and students of the school to represent them and to set an example of service and dedication to the rest of the school community.

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