ICT (Information Technology)

As technology changes the way we communicate, connect, create, consume and innovate, it is democratising access to   opportunity. Education is no exception.” Laura Andreessen 

At Hunter Christian School, we are always thinking of ways to leverage technology which align with our mission, supports our school community, and creates an agile learning community.

We appreciate that the ICT industry has grown in leaps and bounds in our modern world and as such, we have continued a growth journey utilising these changes, enabling us to not only migrate to a world-class ICT framework, but to also push the boundaries in the ways that we use current industry standard and emerging systems.

Utilising technology at Hunter Christian School is about encouraging our school community to be responsible digitally, part of this is allowing students to take ownership and exercise agency.

We are on the journey to streamlining our technology across our school community, deploying a 1:1 Apple iPad program to our primary students, and as of 2024, a 1:1 Apple MacBook Air program to our secondary students.

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